Wireframe Sketching & Usability

Half Day Workshop

About this workshop:

Learn the best process for wireframe creation and usability testing.


  • Get an intro to Information Architect and IA tools.
  • Create collaborative sketches that integrate technology, business goals and user needs.
  • Use existing data, Competitive Reviews, Benchmarking and Heuristic analysis.
  • Create a hypothesis and develop a strategy for usability testing.
  • Use recognized patterns (filtering, links, buttons, form field design).
  • Highlight experience issues and gaps, and prove out with supporting evidence.
  • Recommend the right research based on timeline and budget.
  • Create test plans and guides without leading questions.
  • Ask probing questions to get to the heart of the problem.

*This workshop is beginner level and right for anyone interested in learning more about IA, Wireframing, sketching and Usability methods.

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