Executive Talent Advisor


Kathleen aligns incredibly talented individuals with engaging new roles in their professional niche whether it be in UX, Creative, Digital, Analysis, Development or any other role where a client has a specific need for an expert. She is passionate about getting to know people beyond their resumes and portfolios.

She has built her career upon experiences as a Recruiter in both Corporate and Agency positions. She has developed a vast network of industry insiders, a deep understanding of their needs, and the consulting expertise to ensure mutual satisfaction between candidates and clients that is both immediate and long-term.

Just for fun

Q: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
A: Lollygagging on Saturday mornings.

Q: Besides your job, what are you really good at?
A: Putting together the perfect outfit for anyone for any occasion.

Q: What would people be surprised to know about you?
A: I will pick tent camping over a hotel anytime… because 5 million stars beat 5 stars hands down!

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