Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor


Jillian is a trusted resource who offers a hands-on approach to full-cycle recruiting. From sourcing top qualified talent and matching them with their next contract or permanent placement to advocating for her candidates and working with them on continued professional development, she enjoys building partnerships and long-term relationships. 

She specializes in digitally creative domains like UX, IA, Design, Front-end Development and Product Management, but enjoys learning and furthering her knowledge in the more technical space as well. She’s loves growing top talent and is committed to creating seamless experiences for candidates and clients alike.

Just for fun


What's one thing you couldn't do your job without?


Obvious answer: my team!    

Almost equally critical: Coffee. Lots of coffee!


What profession other than your own would you like to try?


TV Travel host! I mean how cool would it be to get to travel around and experience different cultures (and cuisines) for work?!


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?


An extra spicy margarita with chips and queso!

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